Most businesses like to think they are doing their bit for the environment and recycling where possible. But research has come to light that many businesses still do not have a recycling or green policy in place.

Reuben Bolton, Commercial Director as Bolton Brothers explains:

“As a business it is not surprising that one of the biggest environmental impacts is the generation and management of waste. By reducing waste and recycling this will reduce waste to landfill, combats climate change and conserves limited resources.

Every business should have a commitment to reduce the amount of waste they produce and increase the percentage of waste that is reused and recycled.

Some businesses, especially smaller companies, may feel daunted by the idea of creating a green policy. Simply looking at your current use of energy and consumable items and setting some goals for reducing waste, alongside small, easily implemented actions such as buying recycling bins for break areas and having paper and cardboard recycling bins go a long way.

Not only does this have a measurable effect on both your environmental impact and your overheads, it can also be a positive reflection on your business for clients, suppliers, and potential employees.

Waste going to landfill, has become something that businesses cannot afford to ignore any longer, companies can begin make a huge difference with just some small changes.”

A Green or Recycling Policy should include things such as:

  • The buy in from your employees – How to communicate your policy
  • Energy Use
  • Environmental impacts
  • Recycling
  • Waste disposal
  • Suppliers
  • Transportation

Environmental experts recommend including both employees as well as management in the creation of new green policies in the workplace. Not only does engaging with employees create a sense of ownership over the workplace and its collective environmental impact, it can also help generate broader discussions about policies which are most relevant to their daily routines

Creating an environmental policy is an opportunity for businesses to review whether its operations are environmentally responsible. It can also help lower cost through reduced consumption and waste, providing a real incentive for firms to look at all aspects of their day-to-day running, including their suppliers, energy use, and use of consumables.

Contact Bolton Brothers today for input and advice regarding your recycling and green policy. We have over 50 years’ experience in waste management and recycling and pride ourselves on our upholding standards to waste management and the environment.

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