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Bolton Brothers Provides Full Waste Management Collection & Waste Disposal Services For Non-Recyclable Waste.

Never underestimate the importance of properly identifying your business waste management requirements. The average cost of dealing efficiently with business waste is between 4% and 5% of business turnover, so it is important that you plan to be within those figures or better still, below.

A Waste Management Plan

Having a waste management plan and regularly updating it will help to maintain the focus on your businesses waste management. The first step in compiling a plan is to take a good look at the type and volume of waste your business is producing. This will be largely a matter of the sector you are operating in.

Is your waste commercial or industrial or is it more specialised than that, such as construction or agriculture?

Bolton Brothers are here to help you manage your business waste. Regardless of your size, we will work with you to treat your waste in the best possible way for the environment and your business.

A Waste Management Plan Helps Reduce Your Disposable Waste.

A key aim of business waste management is to reduce your costs by reducing the amount of disposable waste you have, that is waste that is of no use, cannot be recycled and becomes, for example, landfill. Landfill is expensive, the government charges businesses a Landfill Tax by the tonne (currently £94.15 per tonne) and often there is a gate fee and administration costs to pay.

The Amount and Type of Waste.

You need to think carefully about exactly what type of waste your business will generate and in what quantity. It is easy to get this wrong initially, particularly before your business begins to operate. For example, you will have the packaging waste that the materials you use in your business generate, you will also have paper and cardboard waste from your admin team. What about food waste from the canteen or your employees half-eaten sandwiches? Do you waste a lot of plastic or glass? You get the idea?

The Logistics of Business Waste Management

Once you have determined the types of waste your business will generate, you will be able to decide what type of waste receptacles you need and where they should be placed. This includes both inside your business premises and larger bins/skips outside your premises into which waste from inside can be deposited. It is important to ensure that your staff are fully aware of your business waste management strategy and what waste to put where.

Inspect Your Bins Regularly

You need to check, on a regular basis, the amount of waste being produced and whether that accords with your assumptions. You don’t want a contractor coming to empty bins that are only half full. Perhaps the production of some types of waste is cyclical, and your business produces more at certain times. If so, that needs to be factored into your waste management plan.

Approaching a Contractor.

Once you know what type of waste you are producing and the volume, you will have a good idea of the number and kind of waste receptacles you need and ideas regarding a collection schedule.  Choose a contractor with lots of experience and a good track record of handling waste in the sector you operate in. Bolton Brothers are a leading waste management company in Suffolk. We look at your waste management plan and based on experience, make suggestions for improvement. We are also be able to advise on the type, size and number of bins/skips you are likely to need and will work with you to recycle or reuse as much of the waste you generate.  By doing so, this will keep your business waste management costs down.

What makes us different is that we offer a unique service to our clients. We will collect as much recyclables as we can at source.  As a business we want you to ‘think recycle’ first not waste.

We provide a full range of containers for general waste disposal starting from 340, 660 & 1100 litre wheeled containers to 6, 8 & 12 cu yd builders skip to 14 & 16 cu yd Rear End Loading Skips to 20, 35, 40 & 50 cu yd hook lift open top & compaction containers.

Our waste disposal services are available to all domestic, retail & commercial companies.

How We Can Help with General Waste.

Plastic Bag Collections

We can provide specially designed large volume plastic bags to recycle your plastic packaging and wastepaper. We can also provide bag holders to make your waste disposal easier.

Wheeled Containerised Collections

Offering 340, 660 & 1100 litre wheeled containers with a collection service to all local areas in Suffolk, covering retail outlets, as well as commercial & industrial enterprises. We can provide as many wheelie bins that your business requires, one for general waste. One for the cardboard. One for dry mixed recycling. One for Paper. Whatever your requirements are, we can help. Our scheduled waste collections are regular, timely, and can be adjusted according to the amount of waste you generate for removal.

Skip Type Collections

Our containers start from 6 cu yd, 8 cu yd, 8 cu yd REL*, 12 cu yd, 14 cu yd REL*.

*Rear End Loading Skip, emptied on a set frequency for light compatible waste only.This container is most suited for industrial and commercial customers who produce larger volumes of light compactable waste. A Rear End Loader is kept permanently on site and a scheduled service set up on a regular schedule for collection. The advantage of an REL is that they are cost effective, hygienic and secure.

Large Volume Hooklift Collections

Our containers start from 20 cu yd, 35 cu yd, 40 cu yd & 50 cu yd open top containers. Hook lift bins are designed to cater for large volumes of waste and are ideal for the manufacturing, commercial and industrial sectors.

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