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Bolton Brothers has been providing bespoke recycling and waste management solutions for more than 50 years and this reputation for reliability continues to attract customers in the 21st century. We are one of the largest family-owned recycling firms in East Anglia and our attention to detail is perhaps only superseded by the number of flexible recycling solutions that we have to offer. From smaller domestic requirements to larger commercial projects, there is no doubt that you will be pleased with what our team of specialists has to offer.

Which features have served to define our recycling company for more than five decades?

Let’s take a closer look…

All About End-User Solutions

We seek to embrace a targeted approach so that the discrete needs of the customer in question can be addressed within a timely fashion. Not only does this offer a second-to-none sense of efficiency, but it also helps to ensure that the environment itself is always protected. In fact, our waste management and recycling methods mean we can recycle 95% of materials collected in our recycling bins. This includes waste paper, cardboard, plastic, and scrap metal. We are even capable of dealing with hazardous materials.

Keeping One Step Ahead of the Curve

Regulations change over the years as the impact of waste upon the environment become clearer, this is why Bolton Brothers boasts all of the most relevant certifications from accredited institutions. Next-day collection services, competitive pricing packages and recycling containers of up to 40 cubic yards are likewise able to address even the most challenging of projects.

While we always aim to provide the most efficient collection services, our goal is to establish long-term relationships with every client. This helps us to better appreciate their needs and to leverage the most powerful options when the time is right.

Bolton Brothers based in Ipswich is one of East Anglia’s largest family owned independent recycling & waste management companies operating throughout Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

  • We recycle a minimum of 95% of all the recycling material collected in our recycling containers.
  • A full complement of recycling storage containers ranging from 140 litre wheeled recycling containers to 40cu yd compaction recycling containers.
  • A full recycling collection service is available for all types of waste paper, cardboard, plastic and scrap metal.
  • Bolton Brothers also offer full waste management collection services for all non-recyclable waste for Waste to Energy as well as special hazardous waste disposal.

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Six steps to recycling

Bolton Brothers have the experience and expertise you need to take care of recycling and ensure that your company’s unwanted documents can be disposed of securely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Here’s how:

Secure confidential shredding services

Sort your recycled materials

On-Site Shredding

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Cardboard Recycling

All types of cardboard packaging can be recycled, and no sorting is required. There is no need to remove staples, Sellotape or paper labels from any of the cardboard.

The waste cardboard can be deposited in our recycling skips and containers of which we have a full range of sizes to suit the volume of waste you are producing.

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Plastic Recycling

In most circumstances plastic packaging and rigids can be recycled.

There are many types of plastic polymer grades such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS, PC, PMMA & ABS therefore the better it is sorted and graded the more valuable your waste material will be. For shop and warehouses customers we can supply our specially designed jumbo recycling bags which can then be added to your cardboard recycling container for collection.

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Office Waste Paper Recycling

All normal types of office waste paper are suitable for recycling.

Bolton Brothers take all of the difficulty out of your company’s paper recycling. The waste paper can be deposited together in our specially designed office paper recycling bags & containers and then once the bags are full, your cleaners can empty them into our outside storage recycling containers.

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