What Happens To Confidential Waste – Have You Thought About It

While it may seem more cost-effective to shred documents in-house, consider the cumulative amount of time it will take to shred hundreds of confidential documents using an office shredder. Making use of a shredding service saves you time, especially when you demand high volume document shredding – time your staff could be spent performing more profitable tasks.

No one wants to fall foul of identity theft either and for businesses there is also the risk of a hefty fine if they are found not to be GDPR compliant.

As a business you will want to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that if you outsource your confidential shredding that it is destroyed in the correct manner. You will also want to trust the business you choose to work with.

Not only do Bolton Brothers offer confidential on-site and off-site shredding services we also offer you the peace of mind that we are compliant and registered to undertake such work. We also have over 50 years’ experience in the industry.

They operate their own fleet of safe and secure recycling vehicles ranging from 3.5 Tonne to 44 Tonnes including a recycling container collection services for recycling office papers, confidential material, cardboard, plastic & wood waste

What Happens To Confidential Waste After Shredding

On-Site Confidential Shredding

On site shredding is extremely cost effective and becoming the choice of a lot of businesses when it comes to disposal of confidential documentation. Bolton Brothers can also tailor a service to meet customer needs either by scheduled visits or on demand. Our dedicated team will work with your business to look after your waste management and confidential shredding needs, what makes our business so unique is that recycling is always at the heart of the business.

By using Bolton Brothers mobile paper shredding service, you will also be guaranteed that the destruction of all physical documentation has taken place before leaving the business premises. Bolton Brothers will also issue a certificate to confirm the destruction of documents. As an added bonus all the shredded paper is recycled too!

So how exactly is your confidential waste shredded and what happens afterwards?

Our mobile shredding vehicle is capable of shredding up to 1500kg of paper per hour. All the shredded waste is compacted in a special locked compartment at the rear of the vehicle. At Bolton’s state of the art recycling centre in Gt Blakenham the material is then baled and sent off for recycling at UK paper mills to be repulped into new tissue products. This shredding service fully complies with BS EN15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material, the standard specified by the United Kingdom Security Shredding Association of which Bolton Brothers are founding members.

 Off-Site Confidential Shredding

The opposite of on-site shredding is off-site shredding and is recycled instead at our secure shredding depot. With this service our company collects the confidential documents that you want to be destroyed. This can be done regularly or for one-off shredding purposes. Off-site shredding is an alternative option for customers that have a smaller quantity of shredding or whose premises are on our regular routes. This option is popular and more cost efficient for businesses whose premises are in built up areas and towns and prefer regular shredding services. The option is yours and allows great flexibility.

We collect the documents from several customers in your area in one of our secured GPS tracked vehicles. Once the capacity of the truck is full it drives to our secure destruction facility where the documents will be unloaded and shredded. You can ask to visit our location to see how we shred documents for total peace of mind,

 The business currently handles and process over 5000 tonnes per month of all types of wastepaper, cardboard, plastic, metal and waste from all over Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex for recycling. We also hold long term contracts with paper and board mills in the UK, Europe and Far East.

Bolton Brothers Ltd is a member of the Recycling Association Ltd and founder members of the United Kingdom Security Shredding Association (UKSSA) That’s complete peace of mind for your business.

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