How recycling with Bolton Brothers can help your Suffolk business save money and become greener

We know that as a business owner you are always looking for ways to save money, but you also want to help the environment, which is why you should think about your recycling and waste management.

How recycling saves you money

Simply put, recycling costs less money to process than waste removal fees. Waste collection is measured by weight so by recycling and throwing less away, you are reducing your waste disposal costs. In the long run, you’re not only saving natural resources, but a lot of money as well.

Nowadays there is absolutely no reason why your business should not be recycling. Many would argue it is even negligent to not have some form of recycling system in place.

So, what are the benefits of recycling in your business?

Beyond simply feeling good about being green, recycling will have a positive impact on both the environment and your finances. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is a great way to improve your culture, too. Using a local company too will improve your carbon footprint.

Here at Bolton Brothers, we have over 50 years’ experience in recycling and waste management. We know we are saving our clients’ money by having a recycling and waste management plan in place, helping them to stay green and helping the environment.

We recycle a minimum of 95% of all recycled material collected in our recycling containers and one of the largest paper and cardboard recyclers in the area supplying paper mills globally.

Cardboard Recycling

What factors affect my business recycling costs?

In addition to finding a reputable waste management and recycling provider, it is always best to negotiate a contract, the amount, and the type of waste you’re disposing of, along with where and who it’s managed by, this can all contribute to the varying costs of business recycling and the price that you pay.

How much it costs your business to recycle will depend on a number of factors, including:

The materials you are recycling

The volume of waste you are recycling

The location of your business

Plastic Recycling

Can recycling really save your business money?

In a nutshell yes! While you might assume recycling will be an additional cost to your business, you’re actually likely to find that it causes your overall waste management costs to drop.

After all, if you end up recycling a large portion of your waste instead of simply sending it to landfill, you’re going to save money, not to mention waste disposal fees too.

Plus, whatever non-recyclable items you have left over after recycling isn’t likely to require a high-capacity service to remove it – and it probably won’t need to be collected as frequently, either – saving you money in waste collection costs.

Segregating the recyclables from the general waste and then either baling or crushing the recyclables means fewer bins and fewer regular collections are needed.

What many businesses fail to realise is that if you have a dry mixed recycling bin, none of the contents can be recycled until it has been resorted therefore this type of service will be more expensive than a separate cardboard recycling bin which on average will be 80-90% of the contents in a dry mixed recycling bin.

We highly recommend our single source collection service where we can collect paper only, cardboard only & bagged plastic only. By segregating your recyclables at source, it will not only keep the quality high, but will keep costs down. Collection costs are higher for mixed or general waste collections, keeping sorting costs to a minimum means we can collect at a fraction of the cost of general waste and dried mixed recycling collection rates.

Bolton Brothers are quite unique in being able to provide separate collection services for your cardboard, paper and bagged plastics, many waste management businesses can only offer a general waste service and at best a dry mixed recycling collection service. Always check with your waste collection company that your dried mixed recyclables bins are being emptied correctly and not on the same rounds as general waste. Some businesses offer a DMR service but still empty the bins with general waste. This is counterproductive and ultimately demoralising for staff who have taken the time to separate the recyclables.

Paper Recycling

Become ‘A Green Business’

If you are not already recycling, then now is the time to act. Start to recycle your cardboard and plastic is simple with the right equipment in place. Why not have peace of mind, knowing all of your recyclable waste is being reused and not rotting away at a landfill site. Recycling will also enhance your green credentials. Even better use a local business to manage your recycling.
Did you know recycling can help to slow up climate change by reducing the extraction of raw materials from the earth and the amount of fossil fuel burnt in the manufacturing process. Waste prevention is even more effective — like recycling, it diminishes the need for raw materials, saves energy and fossil fuels, and diverts materials away from landfills and incinerators.

Recycling will give you a great public image

If you walk by a business that has a crowded and messy bin area and you see a poorly kept waste area, then automatically you will question what the rest of the business is like? It is important for any industry to keep standards high. A messy waste area could indicate laziness and neglect and the same standards could be seen inside, which many members of the public would decline to view. One, two or no bins at all will keep cleanliness standards high. Your staff will also feel proud to work for a business that cares about the environment.

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