How to recycle plastics responsibly

There are many different types of plastic and it can be confusing for businesses to know which plastics can be recycled and which cannot, and the rules governing which plastics can be recycled varies from place to place. Plastic is recycled by separating the different plastic polymers and creating pellets by melting it down which are then used to create new products.

There are several advantages for your business to recycle plastic responsibly which include:

  • being environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill and reducing your business’s carbon footprint
  • enhances your business reputation within your industry and business community as well as the general public
  • helps to increase staff morale
  • reduces your waste disposal costs and it does not have to be expensive to organise
  • can create an additional income stream for your business

So how does a business recycle plastics responsibly?

It is the responsibility of your business to ensure it is using a reputable waste management company and check they have the appropriate licenses and find out where they send or deliver your plastic recycling to so that it is recycled responsibly.

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